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First Name:Substitute Teacher
Last Name:Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Public School Systems
Instant Message:Intermediate seeking Masters Degree for Highly Qualified Status
My Website/Blog:
Grade:Gr. 9 | Age 15 - Hr. Ed. | Age 19+
Years Experience:7 years
Degrees:Ed Technology and Teaching
Affiliations:Utah State University's Substitute Teaching Institute
Group(s):"We the people . . ." mimio Interactive U.S. History & Gov't, My Virtual World 2010: Studies of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Technology Specialists

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Member since:04/25/10
Lesson Plans & Activities Uploaded:1

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Name of School:Independant. Designer of programs.
School's Website:
School Type:Other
Student Enrollment:0-500
Average Class Size:51+


2 years full-time employ with the Weather Channel as an artist producer led me to want to complete work on my Bachelors Degree. I finally did that in 2002. I began subbing in 2003 and will begin again in 2010 in hopes of landing my own classroom. In the meantime I am independant and I love that too. I work with stake holders in designing curriculum for classrooms Cincinnati, Ohio currently. As well I do a little piecemeal work and sell Prepaid Legal as intervention that saves lives. lad. 5/8/2010.

Interests and Hobbies

Prepaid Legal, Nutrition, piecemeal and artisan works.

Favorite Music

I love jazz, country and new age music.

Favorite TV Shows and Movies

I like cable tv and movie shorts that are cast to the www.

Favorite Books

There is a book that I am trying to get to titled "London".

Favorite Quotations

"It is not what one's country can him or is what one can do for his or her country." - John Fitgerald Kennedy

Funny Teaching Tale

"Teacher", one student says to me early in our daily routine of math one morning, "My mother says that you do not know your math." "What is it that your mother does not understand about math?" I asked him. Evidently if the young man does not know his math then neither does the teacher. Help... :-). That is why I say that if for no other reason school is good for assessing and evaluating the whole child, whole curriculums and parenting a-going on in households.

Teaching Passion

Supporting teachers in classrooms. Standing up for matriculation and the exhibition of continued education in works that yield better results that without.

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