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  • Mimio for iPad   8 years 9 weeks ago

    I work for Austin ISD and recently loaded Splashtop Whiteboard (a $20 app) and Splashtop Streamer (free) on my Mac and had no problems with the...

  • Insect Addition   8 years 50 weeks ago

    Bravo! I love all of the options that you have put into this lesson. I also appreciate the number of slides you created. I look forward to using...

  • Complete the Pattern 2 - Shapes   9 years 1 week ago

    I like the pattern lesson. It starts off easy and then builds. Thanks for sharing.

  • On the Farm   9 years 1 week ago

    I love your math scene and the idea for the lesson. I did try and pull the tractor to check the answer and there was no answer being pulled out...

  • Counting With The Stars   9 years 2 weeks ago

    I am baffled. I downloaded the lesson that I posted and all of the numerals are lined up under the reveal windows. I am wondering why the one you...

  • Number representation   9 years 2 weeks ago

    I was thrilled to find some more math lessons for my prek students. Being able to recognize the numeral and then count objects is a skill we are...

  • Initial Letter Sounds   9 years 2 weeks ago

    This lesson will be used tomorrow with my PreK students. I am so glad that you have made it self-checking by ordering the pictures...the ones that...

  • Identifying Initial Sounds of Words   9 years 2 weeks ago

    After downloading and using some of your phonics lessons with my PreK students, I was thrilled that you had taken the time to do the lessons, made...

  • Alphabet with Sound   10 years 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing the alphabet with their names. Your title says "with sound" so I thought that it would be a phonics lesson, but I can use them...

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