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  • US States and Capitals   8 years 14 weeks ago

    Nice job. You put a lot of work into this I can tell.

  • Subject Review Template   8 years 14 weeks ago

    Love that. Very cool!

  • Veterans Day Activity   8 years 16 weeks ago

    Love this. It will be a great way to show my 6th graders how important Veteran's Day is. Well done!

  • Connect 4 Graphs   8 years 18 weeks ago

    Nice work!

  • Managing a classroom   8 years 18 weeks ago

    The suggestion of keep it moving is perfect. No down time. Well said and great advice.

  • Pull Out Workspaces   8 years 19 weeks ago

    That's strange. I thought for sure I uploaded the right file. I'll reload them and see if that fixes the problem. Sorry about that!

  • Mimio for iPad   8 years 28 weeks ago

    Get the Splashtop Remote app on your I-pad. It will enable you to create mimio lessons on your I-pad. It's a great app.

  • Exploring Idioms: A Play on Words   8 years 32 weeks ago

    There's been so many bad lessons posted lately, it was time to see a good one. Well done and thanks for sharing!

  • Ipad app   8 years 32 weeks ago

    Look into putting splashtop on your ipad. Splashtop allows you to control your desktop or laptop on your ipad. It enables you to create mimio...

  • Aliens and rockets   8 years 37 weeks ago

    A little young for my students, but I did like all of your space images and I put them all in my gallery. Thanks!

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