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Saving to Favorites

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I am new to MimioConnect. Is there a way to save lessons and activities on the website without having to download them to my computer or a flash drive?


Welcome to MimioConnect. What a great question. There is a feature built into the site that will save you time, energy, and space on your own computer's hard drive to meet your needs. The process is fairly simple. When you find a lesson that you'd like to keep, all you need to do is scroll down past the lesson description and green download button until you see the three blue links. One will say, "Add to favorites". Once clicked on, the lesson is sent to your favorites storage which can be retrieved if you click on "View Profile" under your user name/picture over to the right when you're logged in. On the profile page menu, you will notice the "favorites" choice from the menu. Click on it and see the title of the lesson that you sent. It's that simple. When you get the chance, check out the other questions and responses on Ask a Master to learn about additional Mimio products' tips and suggestions. Have a nice day.

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Beth H.

calendar updated

Subjects: Tools
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 2 | Age 8
Posted: Jul. 16, 2014   Posted by: mel51

Full and Partial Lock Down of Objects

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I created a page with a lot of objects that needed to be locked down but a few I need to remain movable. Is there a way to get around going to Select All and locking everything down or doing every object individually?


Great question and I have experienced the same predicament you have. There is a fairly easy solution. You can do partial and full lock downs with minimal steps. First of all, to do a quick lock down of everything on the page, have one object selected then click on CTRL + A. Every object will be selected then just lock them. To do a partial lock down, still do the the step just mentioned but with the CTRL key depressed, deselect objects one at a time that you don't want locked. I hope that you find this technique useful. If there is anything else you need assistance with, don't hesitate to check back in or peruse the bank of suggestions and tips in the Ask a Master section of MimioConnect. We are always here to help.

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Megan J.

Using the MimioStudio Notebook Animation Feature

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How can I use the "animation" feature in my MimioStudio Notebook?


The MimioStudio Notebook animation feature can help teachers create truly dynamic and powerful lessons! The animation feature can bring impressive visual effects to your content. The MimioStudio Notebook animation feature can also be used to teach students course content in an interactive way.

This short video demonstrates how to use the animation feature within MimioStudio Notebook. The video also illustrates ways in which to use the MimioStudio animation feature in the classroom for educational purposes.

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Shane Davis

Screen Annotation

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How do you annotate on top of a word document?


Annotating a file is so easy! First, open up the File you wish to annotate (I believe you are using a Word Document). Next, position everything on the screen the way you would like (once you freeze the screen you are unable to zoom, scroll down etc.) Now, press on the Screen Annotation on your Toolbar (the last button, lower right hand corner). Your screen will now freeze and you are able to annotate everything using the various tools on your Toolbar. Once you have completed your annotations simply press ESC on your keyboard or right click and select “CLOSE.” You will find a copy of your newly annotated page in your Gallery inside the Screen Annotations folder.

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Bridget S.

Creating A New Folder in Your MimioStudio Gallery

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How can I create my own MimioStudio Gallery folder?
The MimioStudio Gallery makes it easy for teachers to organize their content in customizable folders. While teaching, your MimioStudio Gallery places all of your content at your fingertips. This short video demonstrates how easy it is to create a folder within your MimioStudio Gallery.

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Martha C

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