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MimioVote Resync

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I created a lesson to use with my MimioVote system. When I open the lesson, the buttons are not showing up at the bottom of my computer screen to allow voting to begin.


The MimioVote system sometimes may need to be re-synced to your computer and it sounds like that's what is needed for your MimioVote and computer. I have supplied the link to a sheet which details the steps to take to accomplish this. If you get the chance, please take a few minutes to peruse the Ask a Master section for more tips and suggestions to effectively use your Mimio equipment as well as creating dynamic and engaging lessons. Have a nice day.
Link to Re-syncing Guide:

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Kathy P.

Drag and Drop Responses

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I'm looking for an example in a Mimio ink file where items can go back to a word bank if the item selected and placed on a diagram such as a part doesn't belong on it. I know how you can order the property of an object to move it behind, forward, etc. But what about moving it back to the actual word bank (such as cell parts) if the student selected an organelle that doesn't belong on the diagram. Is there something on MimioConnect?


Yes, there is something on our site that will help you create this type of activity. This build-able feature can be found on MimioConnect as a gallery file. Download the gallery (link below) right into your own gallery. When opened, look at the templates. The drag-drop templates, I believe are the ones you are looking for. When you get the chance, check out all the other features in this gallery pack as well. There are many great features in this pack to enhance your lessons! As always,if you get the chance, check out the many other tips and suggestions that can be found on Ask a Master.
Gallery link:

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Harper S.

Thanksgiving Pack

This Thanksgiving Pack contains fun holiday images, templates, multimedia and lessons/activities. Use the templates, clipart and multimedia to create your own Mimio lessons or use our pre-made lessons/activities in the Lessons tab. Happy Thanksgiving!

Random Names Template (Jelly Beans and Candy Corn)

Subjects: Tools
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 7 | Age 13, Gr. 8 | Age 14
Posted: Oct. 28, 2014   Posted by: Ctremonte

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