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Wind Farm

Energy producing windmills on a wind farm are shown in this Building Block video.

Drilling to Antarctica

In this video adapted from ANDRILL, find out how geoscientists get through more than a dozen football fields of ice and water in order to study the rock and sediment beneath Antarctica.

Coal Tramway

In this Building Block video, coal carts move along an elevated tramway as smokestacks spew smoke in the background.

Coal Factory

In this Building Block video, the camera follows a conveyor belt that carries a black line of coal.

Close-up of Oil Rig Pumping

In this Building Block video, the Sun beams down from a cobalt sky containing wispy clouds and flashes through the horse head of a pump jack.

Chemical Plants with Smokestacks

In this Building Block video, the camera pans across smokestacks spewing smoke from oil refineries and chemical plants along River Road in Convent, Louisiana.

Tracking Polar Bears

In this interactive activity adapted from the USGS Alaska Science Center, track the movements of a polar bear as it migrates across the changing Arctic sea ice and compare the paths of four different polar bears.

Freshwater Biomes

Subjects: Ecology
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 9 | Age 15, Gr. 10 | Age 16, Gr. 11 | Age 17, Gr. 12 | Age 18
Posted: Feb. 2, 2011   Posted by: mkalowe
an environmental science lesson on freshwater biomes. Includes lakes, ponds, swamps, bogs, and streams. Interactive activities, video clips (from DiscoveryEducation) and MimioVote questions/answers.

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