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Can Students Use MimioStudio Software?

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Can my students use MimioStudio to complete a project?


Thank you for such an excellent question Joe! Over the years, I have worked with many teachers who have had students use MimioStudio Notebook software to create various projects. In some of the schools that I have been in, MimioStudio software has been installed in all of the computer labs to give students access to this amazing interactive software. Students can also download the trial version of MimioStudio to use at home by clicking here

The great thing about students using MimioStudio to create a project is that not only can they present information to other students, but they can also make their projects dynamic and interactive. Some of the student lessons that I have seen in the past involve students researching information about a topic, presenting that information in MimioStudio Notebook, and then creating some sort of interactive activity for other students to complete within the project. Students include activities such as Vote template questions, drag and drop activities, and a variety of uses of the Mimio pen and highlighter tool. Each student file can then be combined into a dynamic MimioStudio based jigsaw activity that can be used in the lab, at home, or at the board.

A sample lesson that features this type of student created activity would include the “Deciding Congress”lesson. In this lesson, students use MimioStudio in order to present research about state and local candidates in the recent election. While the election may be over, this lesson demonstrates how students can use MimioStudio to showcase their learning.

With Veterans Day this weekend, you may also want to examine the “Veterans Day”lesson.

This is a lesson that I created last year to teach my students about the importance of Veterans Day. In this lesson after some interactive instruction, students use MimioStudio software to create a “tribute page” to a Veteran they wish to thank for their service. These individual student pages are then combined by the teacher into one .ink file. The file serves as a digital “THANK YOU” for their service.

Mimio would like to thank all of our Veterans for their service!

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Joe Raso
Seven HIlls, Ohio

Adding Hyperlinks to Your Lesson

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This is my first time using Mimio to create a presentation for my students. I would like to put a link to a video to my lesson. I would also like an icon in the corner of each page to change to the next page or return to a previous one.

This short video demonstrates how to insert hyperlinks in your MimioStudio Notebook lessons. This video will demonstrate how easy it is within MimioStudio software to create a hyperlink. Hyperlinks within MimioStudio can allow you to quickly access websites, files on your computer, attachments within your .ink file, and to other pages in your Mimio lesson.

To add a hyperlink to your lesson, simply do the following:

  • Use the "select" tool to choose the object or text in your lesson you would like to hyperlink.

  • Right click then click "hyperlink." You can also click "Insert" and then "Hyperlink"

  • Now use the "Insert Hyperlink" pop up window to assign the hyperlink. You can link to an outside website, a file on your computer, an attachment within your Notebook file, or another page within your lesson.

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    Maria Palma

    Calibration Settings

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    Do I have to calibrate my Mimio before teaching each lesson?

    This short video explains how to use your Mimio in your classroom without having to recalibrate before teaching each lesson. The video demonstrates how to configure your MimioStudio settings to use a previous calibration if you have your projector and your MimioTeach in a fixed location. Here are the steps to do this:

    1. Open your MimioStudio Notebook

    2. Click on Tools > Settings

    3. Next click on Interactive and then check the box for use previous calibration

    This video will also share how to check for software updates as well as sign up for notifications when updates are available for download.

    Do you have a question for a Mimio Master? We want to answer it! Please visit: to submit your question.

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    Fire Prevention

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    Does MimioConnect have any lessons that I can use during Fire Prevention month?


    We most certainly do! Please check out this wonderful lesson where students can learn various ways of staying safe at home and can practice different fire prevention skills:

    This interactive lesson will have your students fully engaged with several activities and even a quiz to assess student knowledge. Although this lesson is geared for an elementary classroom it can easily be modified to any grade level. I hope you have found this helpful!

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    Joe Raso

    Viewing student responses from a MimioVote assessment

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    How can I view each student’s answer choices after taking a quiz using the MimioVote?

    Learn how to view student answers and results after using the MimioVote assessment system in your classroom. This step-by-step tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to evaluate student performance using the MimioStudio Gradebook along with various class and student reporting options that can be printed.
    Question sender: 
    Eli Shaheen

    Searching for lessons from a specific user

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    How would I search for content created by a specific member?


    You are wondering how to search for content created by a specific member which is very easy to do! If you select “Members” from the menu bar on the MimioConnect home page and then scroll down about halfway to the bottom and you should see “Search Members” on the right hand side. Simply search for the user you are looking for and once you find them click on their name. On the right hand side you should see a “Members Profile” box with a green border. Click on “Lesson Plans and Activities” and you will find all lessons created by that user.

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    Karyn Cook

    How can I generate reports in my MimioStudio Gradebook?

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    Question: How can I generate class and student reports in my MimioStudio Gradebook?


    This is a MimioConnect Video Ask A Master Video!

    When a teacher uses their MimioVote Assessment System in the classroom, student performance data is automatically saved within their MmioStudio Gradebook. This video explains how to make the most of that valuable data by explaining how to generate a variety of reports. This video explains how teachers can print whole class and individual student data reports using MimioStudio Gradebook.

    If you are interested in learning more about how to use the MimioVote Assessment System and the MimioStudio Gradebook in your classroom, Mimio has a training solution for you! Please visit: for more information.

    Do you have a question for a Mimio Master? We want to answer it! Please visit: to submit your question.

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    Food Chains and Webs Interactive Lesson

    Subjects: Ecology
    Language: English
    Grade Level: Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9, Gr. 4 | Age 10
    Posted: Aug. 17, 2012   Posted by: Jaclyn.Uttley
    Students drag and drop prey into a preditor's column, or draw lines to connect a food chain or a food web.

    Incorporating eBooks with MimioStudio

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    Some of the texts I use in class are in the form of eBooks. Do you know of some ways to pair eBooks with my Mimio?


    This is a great question because eBooks are becoming a very accessible and cost effective way to deliver traditional textbooks and literature that was only available in print form. Many eBooks can be downloaded into a pdf format which allows you to insert them into notebook pages. Below is a list of a few suggestions of what you can do with the eBook once inserted:
    1. Highlight text for discussion or analyzing
    2. Select specific words for vocabulary development/ definitions
    3. Locate passages which answer/support essential ideas or themes of the story.
    4. Read aloud passages for gaining fluency and comprehension
    5. Insert graphic organizer pages for character traits and/or comparisons, plot development, 5 W’s, and related skills.
    6. Insert notebook pages where pictures can be sketched to explain a passage.
    7. Analyze an author’s style by citing examples.
    8. Make predictions by highlighting instances of foreshadowing.
    9. Record lesson and class comments for those who were absent or need to use as a study guide for future assessments.
    10. Develop/practice research and note-taking skills.
    11. Insert video clips, found on the Internet, to bring clarification to complex passages.
    12. Analyze and/or interpret charts, graphs, and tables.
    Even if an eBook can’t be inserted, project it outside the notebook and develop your lesson incorporating Mimio tools and applications like screen annotation and even quick vote. Don't forget that good teaching practices infusing student centered objectives and engagement are still the focus, so whatever your lesson ideas are, Mimio makes it a better way to learn. As always, we encourage you to check out the other posts on Ask a Master for many more tips and suggestions.

    Question sender: 
    Kate B.
    North Carolina

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