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World Map Gallery Pack

Gallery pack that includes a variety of world maps, templates, and map jigsaw puzzles. This Gallery was formerly included in the default install of MimioStudio prior to version 9.12. If you are new to MimioStudio with version 9.12 or higher, you will not have this Gallery already.

The Patriotic Pack - Australia

This pack contains the flag & coat of arm from various Australia's states & the country itself. For enhancing knowledge of Australian States, geography lesson or display of your patrioticism :)

NAPLAN Year 3 Numeracy test adapted for use with MimioVote

Subjects: Mathematics
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 3 | Age 9
Posted: Nov. 15, 2010   Posted by: oo69757
Mathematics test for Year 3 students

Weather Chart- Australia

Subjects: Education, Earth Sciences, Measurement, Mathematics, Science
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9, Gr. 4 | Age 10
Posted: Aug. 10, 2010   Posted by: monicac
A lesson naming the states of Australia, placing the capital cities in the correct states and building a weather chart.

Show me the (Australian) money!

Subjects: Arithmetic, Mathematics
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8
Posted: Jun. 26, 2009   Posted by: oo69757
Australian currency exercise.

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