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Animals in Winter

Subjects: Science
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9, Gr. 4 | Age 10
Posted: Dec. 23, 2011   Posted by: alissabocek
This is a fun way for students to learn about what animals are doing in the winter.


Subjects: Botany, Ecology, Zoology, Geography
Language: English
Grade Level: Pre-K | Age 5, Gr. K | Age 6, Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8
Posted: Sep. 5, 2011   Posted by: collyblom
Shows the cycle of the seasons (including time lapse video), create trees reflecting each season, shows elements of Spring including bird migration, baby animals, flowers blooming, bees and butterflies visiting flowers etc. Ends with photos of the Namaqualand daisies.

Sandhill Cranes

This video segment from Wild Nevada examines one of Nevada's oldest living creatures, the sandhill crane.


This video from Vegas PBS features colorful insects known as butterflies, and looks at the coloration, species, life cycle, and migration habits within their habitat.

Phainopepla Bird

In this video segment from Outdoor Nevada, learn about the eating and migration habits of the Phainopepla, an unusual bird associated with the mistletoe plant.


This video segment from Outdoor Nevada explores the traits, behaviors, and habitat of four hummingbird species.

Tracking Polar Bears

In this interactive activity adapted from the USGS Alaska Science Center, track the movements of a polar bear as it migrates across the changing Arctic sea ice and compare the paths of four different polar bears.

New Hampshire Ancestor Vocab

Subjects: Historical Cultures & Periods
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 4 | Age 10
Posted: Oct. 29, 2010   Posted by: edmeslab
This is an overview of ancestor vocabulary.

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