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A Study in Texas History

This lesson provides a quick, yet comprehensive, study of the history of Texas.

Animated GIFs in mimio

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Is it possible to insert an animated .gif file into Mimio notebook? One of the teachers in our district has been trying to do this but the animation is not working.


This is a very common question that comes up when users are wanting to spice up their mimio files with great animations. Animated gifs that you might find on websites and such and want to incorporate into mimio studio files are treated as static graphics. This means that they lose their animation when brought into mimio and are simply just a graphic. Animated files that can be included are Flash files. Many websites use interactive Flash files and there are a variety of methods that will allow you to use Flash animations that are described in the Ask a Master section and the Forum area on mimioconnect that will hopefully suit your needs. Keep thinking of ways to increase the interactivity of your lessons!

Question sender: 
Abby Thaker
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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