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How to Create Objective Boxes in MimioStudio Notebook Lessons

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How can I create objective boxes in my MimioStudio Notebook lessons?


As a classroom teacher, explaining your lesson objectives to your students is an important part of the learning process. This short video demonstrates how to create objective boxes within your MimioStudio Notebook lessons. Adding objective boxes to your MimioStudio Notebook lessons will make them more effective in the classroom.

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Summer Gallery Pack

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I'm looking for some content to use to plan my end of the year lessons. Does MimioConnect have anything available?

Schools out for Summer….well almost! Are you looking for resources to help plan those end of the year lesson plans? Let MimioConnect save you some time in search of the perfect content because we have it all right here in our amazing Summer Gallery Pack! From sandcastles to starfish, interactive lessons, and templates ready to use we have it all! Watch the video to find out what this free resource has to offer and don’t forget to download it today. Whatever your Summer lesson planning needs are we have it covered. Click HERE to download this amazing resource!
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Christine T.

File Insert

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Is there a way to insert a table?

You will be happy to know that you have a few different options when it comes to inserting a table into your MimioStudio Notebook lesson. I’m not sure which application the table you are trying to insert is formatted in but you can try to copy and paste it in by right clicking on the table, select COPY and then once you are in MimioStudio Notebook simply right click again and select PASTE. You could also do this by using the menu options at the top of MimioStudio Notebook. If the copy/paste option doesn’t work you can always use the screen clipping tool (which is on your toolbar) to clip the chart and add it to your lesson. In this case it would be easy for the students to use various tools to annotate the table. Another option is to simply keep the table in its native application and use Screen Annotation which would freeze the screen and allow for you or your students to annotate the table. When using this method a copy of your annotations is automatically saved in your Gallery for future reference.
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Terry T.

Using Mimio QuickVote with Powerpoint

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How can I use Mimio QuickVote for my Powerpoints?

There is so much you can do with the amazing QuickVote! Remember you can use the QuickVote for on demand polling with any activity you are doing in your classroom. If you assign a class before polling you can also have results recorded in your Gradebook. Click HERE to watch a great video showing you all about the QuickVote feature! I would also recommend taking our wonderful FREE live QuickLearn sessions. You may find the MimioVote sessions particularly helpful. Click HERE to sign up!
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Monika G.

Using the MimioStudio Recorder

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Does Mimio have any function to make video recordings?
Are you wondering how you can make a recording to add to your MimioStudio Notebook lesson? I would recommend using our wonderful Mimio Recorder which you can find under the APPLICATIONS button on your toolbar. As long as you have some sort of microphone you can record all actions taking place on your computer as well as the audio coming into your computer.

Click HERE to watch a great video showing you how to use the recorder!

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Mike S.

QuickVote Add on in Powerpoint

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How can you use MimioVote Questions with existing PowerPoint lessons?


What a great question! You can use the MimioStudio Vote Add-in function to create any type of MimioVote activity in Microsoft PowerPoint. MimioVote activities are created by adding question slides to a PowerPoint presentation. A Vote Add-in feature includes a variety of pre-formatted question slide templates to make creating activities in PowerPoint quick and easy. The Vote Add-in feature should have been added to PowerPoint when you installed the MimioStudio software. If you go into PowerPoint you should see an add-in button in the menu on the right. If you click this you should see vote objects over on the left that will allow you to enter vote questions into PowerPoint. You can’t open vote files in PowerPoint but you should be able to create vote questions based in here.

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Lynn A.

Learn about George Washington

Subjects: History & Social Studies, Politics
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9
Posted: Feb. 18, 2013   Posted by: juliecep
Learn about the life of our first president George Washington

World Population Growth; Agree or Disagree?

This is a series of statements focusing on many controversial issues surrounding the world’s population growth.

Using the U.S. Presidents Gallery Pack

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How can I use the U.S. Presidents Gallery Pack in my classroom?

We have just witnessed the national spectacular of a presidential inauguration and President's Day is right around the corner. What better time to use the new U.S. Presidents Gallery Pack with your students? If you are wanting great images, lesson ideas, templates, and multi-media objects to teach your students about U.S. Presidents - look no further!

This video demonstrates how to locate and download the U.S. Presidents Gallery pack, and how to use it in your classroom.

Click here to download this timely resource!

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