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A 2 ipari forradalom

Subjects: Discovery & Exploration, Inventions
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 7 | Age 13, Gr. 11 | Age 17
Posted: Jan. 28, 2013   Posted by: Makray Andrea
A két ipari forradalom összehasonlítását segítő feladat.

Gas Pump

In this Building Block video, a woman's arm places a gas pump in the gas tank of a car.

Steam Engine

This Building Block video begins on a medium shot of a locomotive approaching through smoke in Promontory, Utah. The camera tilts down and the shot brightens to an extreme close-up of the train's wheels as it passes by.

Machine in a Factory

A close-up of a machine punching television circuits into a board can be seen in this Building Block video shot in Huizou, China.

Remote Controller

In this Building Block video, batteries are inserted into a remote controller and the cover is replaced. A thumb then moves the joystick on the controller as something out-of-focus moves in the background.

Saturn Rocket

This Building Block video shows retired Saturn rockets on the grounds of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas

Transforming the Future of Flight

In this video segment adapted from NASA, learn how engineers are transforming the future of flight by designing airplanes based on principles found in nature

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