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Three Pyramids

In this Building Block video from the Building Big series, the camera focuses on a purple horizon in the dessert. It then pans left and stops on a wide shot of three majestic pyramids in the distance through the haze of desert heat.

Yukon River

In this Building Block video, mountains frame the Yukon River as ice floats downstream during the spring thaw.

Army Boots and Razorwire

This Building Block video begins on a close-up shot of army boots standing in the dirt as seen through razor wire. Camera then rack focuses to the razor wire.

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

In this Building Block video, see the Zakim Bridge, the widest cable bridge in the world, soar atop a clear blue Boston sky. This static wide shot captures both of the bridge's pillars.


See an aerial wide shot of Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell in Page, Arizona, in this Building Block video.

Brooklyn Bridge

This Building Block video features an aerial shot from a helicopter circling over the Brooklyn Bridge and following the span across part of the river. Manhattan Bridge is visible in the background in New York City.

Welding in a Tunnel

This Building Block video shot at the Big Dig project in Boston, Massachusetts, features two men in hardhats in a darkened tunnel. One of the men is welding some pipes, and red sparks fly everywhere.

Solemn Marine One Flyby

In this Building Block video, American flags sway in the foreground and around the base of the Washington Monument under dreary skies. The Marine One helicopter flies past the memorial; the camera tracks it as it continues past the Jefferson Memorial and over the DC skyline.

Gas Pump

In this Building Block video, a woman's arm places a gas pump in the gas tank of a car.

Steam Engine

This Building Block video begins on a medium shot of a locomotive approaching through smoke in Promontory, Utah. The camera tilts down and the shot brightens to an extreme close-up of the train's wheels as it passes by.

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