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Time-lapse of Starry Night Sky

This Building Block video features a time-lapse, low angle shot of three observatories under a star-filled night sky in Cerro Tololo, Chile.


This Building Block video features the silhouette of the tent at Chajnantor Observatory in Northern Chile that houses the Cosmic Backgrounder Imager.

Hubble Telescope: Looking Deep

This video segment adapted from the Space Telescope Science Institute shows what the Hubble telescope found when it stared at a single, nearly empty spot in the sky for 10 days in 1995. The unexpected result was a picture of a multitude of galaxies stretching into the distance.

Age of Discovery

Subjects: History & Social Studies, Discovery & Exploration
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 10 | Age 16
Posted: Nov. 3, 2009   Posted by: gmackay
SOL WH II.4 (VA) Gr 10 World History II European explorers of New World and Asia

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