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I'd like to create a quiz using the MimioVote. Do I need to have the MimioVote plugged in to my computer to be able to create and access the question templates and preview the quiz once I've made one?


Good question! When you create a quiz or any type of MimioVote assessment, the only equipment you need is a computer with the MimioStudio software installed on it. You can open the notebook gallery, drag the desired question templates and fill them in with the appropriate questions. Questions can be completely text based or have a combination of text and pictures. MimioVote assessments can be embedded in a Mimio notebook lesson where you can have a few instructional slides followed by a few assessment slides or you can just create an assessment all by itself. Once you have completed the assessment, you can go back and preview for errors, omissions, or additions. When you are ready to give the assessment to a class, this would be the time to plug in the MimioVote device. If all is working correctly, you will see the MimioVote toolbar across the bottom of your notebook page. For additional help with the MimioVote device, check out the section for this device in the MimioClassroom User guide by following this link:
As always, if you get a chance, check out the many tips and suggestions found throughout the Ask a Master questions and responses!

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