Table Creating or Table Inserting?

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Can I create a table with multiple columns and rows within the Mimio notebook or do I somehow have to insert one from somewhere?


You are actually able to do both. It just depends on your needs and/or use of the table. If you created a table using an outside program such as Word or Open Office, it can simply be screen clipped into the notebook page. The alternative is creating the table within the notebook. To do this, begin by clicking on View > Grid from the notebook page menu. Once the grid feature pops up you have a variety of choices. The one that really needs to be addressed is the size of the spacing of the boxes in the grid. The larger the number, the larger the spacing. Number input is from 1 to 1000. The other choices aren't as necessary. If you'd like the grid to appear on the notebook page, simply check the box that says, "display grid on screen." Once you've clicked OK, it flips back to the notebook page with the grid specifications on it. Now, use the line tool from the tools menu and create the lines for the columns and rows of your table. Try to make sure the ends of each line touch one another, if they don't you'll need to "Select All" from the Edit drop down menu and then group all the lines together so you can freely move the table around. As always, if you get the chance, check out all the other tips and suggestions found in MimioConnect's Ask a Master section! Happy creating your customized tables.

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