What is the MimioView and how does it work?

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My school just received MimioTeach units with a few MimioViews. Can you tell me how the MimioView works?


Welcome to Mimio! The MimioView is a wonderful compliment to the MimioTeach, as with all of our products. The MimioView is a document camera which integrates seamlessly with the Mimio Studio software. It operates with one USB cable which plugs into your computer for its functionality and power. Once the power button is turned on you have the ability to project student work, 3D objects, live specimens, attach a microscope and view microscope slides, and even video. The unit comes with 2 side LED lamps which provide focused light on the magnified object. The images can be rotated or zoomed in as well as freezing and saving the image to the notebook or gallery for use later. Most of the MimioStudio tools also work with the images for markup and/or annotation. Using the MimioStudio Recorder, you can record your interactions with the MimioView object/document into an AVI movie file. There are many possibilities to using your MimioView which are only limited by your imagination! Enjoy the Mimio products and if you get a chance check out the many other tips and suggestions found in our Ask a Master section.

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