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I would like to annotate a website for my students to help them navigate and utilize a site for their work. I'd also like to be able to print it out as well as saving it as a PDF to publish on my website for the students who were absent. Is this a possibility?


The answer is yes and the screen annotation tool is a mimio feature that users many times overlook on the toolbar. Using your mimio notebook's toolbar, you can activate the screen annotation mode once you have gotten to the Internet page of your choice. This will allow you to mark up certain pages, but remember it will freeze the view of your screen, so you won't have the ability to scroll down on a page. To have more of the screen in the frozen view, you could use the zoom level of your screen then freeze the screen. Don't forget that screen annotations are saved in the Gallery inside the "Screen Annotations" folder. You can print them when they are in the notebook page just as you would any other notebook page and notebook pages have a variety of formats that they can be saved in and then printed, such as a PDF. Enjoy using this versatile tool and if you get the chance check out the many other tips and suggestions in MimioConnect's Ask a Master!

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Paul B.
Salem, OR

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