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This mimio file was intended for use in an elementary classroom. It is linked to 3 you tube videos and gives great facts about Nebraska: harvesting corn, photos and music of our great state and of course the Husker tunnel walk at Memorial Stadium! It is a great introduction to our great State. Go Huskers. I have made a little book for each student that is easily put together by folding. It follows the mimio file exact. Message if you would like the little book e-mailed...I can't upload it here.

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Cornhusker, Nebraska, state
sfaimon Posted by: sfaimon

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I am from the state of

I am from the state of Nebraska and this is a great lesson of showing younger as well as upper level students about Nebraska. It is good overview of the key features of Nebraska. I am also proud that Kool-Aid was invented in my hometown!

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    Aug. 9, 2013
Posted by
Gavin Raitt
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Who knew?

I had no idea Kool-aid was first made in Nebraska. This would be a great activity to show to the third graders when they start their state projects. It could also be used as a resource for state research.

  • Posted:
    Feb. 19, 2013
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