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Classroom 2.0 - Cloud-based Services Exploration


What is "the Cloud"? Can you identify it? Define it? Use it?

Students use the cloud and teachers use the cloud, but very few people understand what "the Cloud" is and why it is so useful for educational purposes. This lesson introduces learners to "the Cloud" and several well-known services, incorporating class discussion skills and critical thinking. It links to outside sources and handouts to lead class discussions for comparing similar cloud-based services.

Teachers will have to ensure that students have access to laptops, tablets, or desk-top computers (at least one per group) all with internet access.

I use "the cloud" for all my classes (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Creative Writing, Drama), so I introduce them all to these services at the beginning of the year. It could also be used for IT classes as well as for introducing teachers to these concepts.

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Raabster Posted by: Raabster

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This is an excellent

This is an excellent resource! As more and more students start learning more about the "cloud" and some of the sites therein (Dropbox, Google Drive, iTunes Match, etc.), this lesson will prove even more valuable. Thanks for sharing.

  • Posted:
    Aug. 8, 2013
Posted by
Jason Varnon
Downloads: 35

This will be a great lesson /

This will be a great lesson / discussion topic to use during Mimio training. I always get questions that have nothing to do with Mimio, but are technology questions and "The Cloud" always comes up. Thanks !!

  • Posted:
    Jun. 9, 2013
Posted by
Eric Mead
Downloads: 17

I do a lot of presentations

I do a lot of presentations for administrators and teachers. I usually explain the value of MimioConnect but have not had a good explanation of how the cloud actually functions. I will be able to use some of your pages and quiz questions to enhance my presentation. Thank you.

  • Posted:
    Jun. 8, 2013
Posted by
James Elkins
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Thanks for sharing this great

Thanks for sharing this great lesson. I will be able to use it during my sales/training presentations to explain all the web 2.0 resources.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 14, 2013
Posted by
Bill DiSisto
Downloads: 50

This is great information! I

This is great information! I am a Technology Integration Specialist and this has been a difficult concept for the staff to understand. I like how you give the students the power to come up with a usable, understandable definition. Thanks for the terrific lesson!

  • Posted:
    Apr. 8, 2013
Posted by
Downloads: 116


This is great. I teach 9th grade Computer Applications and we are in the middle of our Internet hardware/software unit. I think this will be a great hands on resource as we work to better conceptualize the cloud and how often people are relying on cloud-based storage. Great work!

  • Posted:
    Oct. 23, 2012
Posted by
Kyle Morean
Downloads: 8

Great professional development activity

I work as a Technology Integration Specialist and recently began training on cloud resources. This is a great beginning activity to help users better understand what the cloud is and what programs/devices are cloud-based/enabled.

  • Posted:
    Oct. 17, 2012
Posted by
Lisa Webb
Downloads: 36

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