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Arithmetic Sequences: Food Four Thought Game

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This game is based on Pearson's Activity for Section 9.2 of their Algebra 2 Textbook (Arithmetic Sequences). The game is very basic, with few bells and whistles, but essentially takes place of an actual playing board.

Be the first team to collect four numbers that form an arithmetic sequence.

This game is played with two teams (or played by two people).
To begin the game, one team rolls a number cube twice. The first roll gives the column of your number on the board, and the second roll gives the row of your number on the board.
You get to keep that number by placing a food item on your number. Write down your number to keep track!
Then your opponent rolls a number cube twice and keeps another number from the board, but only if that number has not already been taken. Otherwise, the player rolls the number cube twice more.
If a player rolls two 1’s or two 6’s, the player gets a FREE PICK! and may choose any number on the board that has not been taken.
When a team collects four numbers that form an arithmetic sequence, they must write the explicit formula for the sequence in order to collect their win.

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