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Computer Basics


This lesson shows simple pictures and explanations of the basics of computers. It also gives advice on making passwords more difficult for hackers and practice pages.

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computer terminology
rjcarter Posted by: rjcarter Mimio Master

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Basics Covered

I will be using this with my students next year for introduction to computer lab class. The visuals and the interactivity are exactly what my students need.

Thank you for your lesson.

  • Posted:
    Jun. 17, 2012
Posted by
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This is great. I will use this and modify it to fit my Introduction to Computers class. I can see this being very helpful in teaching college age students about computers and also about software.

  • Posted:
    Jun. 15, 2012
Posted by
Zhivi Williams
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Good Overview

This is a good presentation as an overview or introduction at the start of a class. I cover all this material in my computer literacy class at various times.

  • Posted:
    Jun. 13, 2012
Posted by
Rose Villery
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Nice job of outlining computer basics!

Great job - will use it not only with students, but with my seniors in the community when I teach basic computer skills. Thank you!

  • Posted:
    Jun. 13, 2012
Posted by
Win Biernacki
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Very useful.

Great lesson to use for upper elementary to middle school aged kids. I would use it at the beginning of the year to go over proper computer procedures for the classroom. Also, has a few other good basics--password and user name creating advice. Can easily be tweaked to fit your process.

  • Posted:
    Jun. 13, 2012
Posted by
Sara Fuller
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Computer basics file

This is a great lesson to use at the beginning of the year for my 3rd-5th students. I would need to revise it a little because we use different equipment. Our procedures to log in are a little different too but the basics are there to use right now. Thanks for creating this lesson!

  • Posted:
    Jun. 11, 2012
Posted by
Lisa Eubanks
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