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Plot Diagram using YouTube video

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Students watch a quick YouTube video of "The Three Little Pigs" with an alternative ending. The students sort the action of the story into the plot diagram.

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mrsrickard Posted by: mrsrickard Mimio Master

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I do see this as appropriate

I do see this as appropriate for 8th grade, but would be hesitant to use this with third graders. Personally, I have a son who will be a young third grader (by "young," turning 8 in the fall of 3rd grade) and would be upset to know that his teacher suggested accidentally cooking Santa in a stew.
I can see using this with upper El and middle school simply to review plot sequence, which seemed to be your intent.
I, like you, would not include answers, since I expect to guide my students in doing the activity. As a class, we would arrive at the answers.
Overall, thanks for sharing!

  • Posted:
    Apr. 12, 2013
Posted by
marcher A
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language arts

This activity is listed as appropriate for 8th grade which it is not. Remedial readers may find it helpful but, also, might be insulted. I did like the embedded youtube.com clip and would like to know how to do this. Also, there was very little explanation as to what to do with the arrows and no answers/solutions.

  • Posted:
    Jun. 22, 2012
Posted by
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