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Prefixes re- and un-

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In this FUN, COLORFUL, and INTERACTIVE lesson, your students will practice adding the suffixes -ful, -less, and -ly to base words in order to change their meaning.

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drainbowstar Posted by: drainbowstar

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Love it!

This was just what I was looking for! I did make a switch where the prefix was after the base word by moving it before it, but you did all the leg work and those were minor changes for me to make. I can't wait to use them with my students today! Now I did want to mention that your summary above says they will "practice adding suffixes -ful, -less, and -ly" and the first magnifying glass one in the mimio file says "adding the prefix -ful" which was a minor fix to "re-", but wanted to let you know so you can correct yours for when you use it. :)

  • Posted:
    May. 1, 2012
Posted by
Melanie Morgan
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I like the concept as well.

I like the concept as well. It is fun and interactive. I love the pages in which they have to reveal the prefixes, base word, and choose the correct prefix, and the magnifying glass. I noticed that you included an explanation in the second page which I think is ok. Pehabs, providing examples and using lines to show what is the base word instead of using meta language would allow learners to get the concept easily, considering that they are second graders.

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    Apr. 15, 2012
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Prefix practice "un" "re"

I liked the general concept, but I did not like how the explanations showed the base word, then the prefix second. This to me confuses prefixes with suffixes. I feel the creator should have shown the prefix, then the base word, then the new word. I also was confused on the "Try your own page." I am not sure the objective was clear enough.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 13, 2012
Audrey Dell
Posted by
Audrey Dell
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