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Blockbuster - Quadratic Equations

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The game asks students to solve quadratics, then reveal the answers. I used a similar game with a different topic today and had them play in pairs; I gave each pair the game sheet with the honey-comb score card. Player A chose the first question and both solved. If Player A got it right, he got the hexagon. If Player A got it wrong but Player B got it right, Player B got the hex. If both got it wrong, the hex was blacked out. Then Player B chose, and the reverse happened. I randomly chose kids to select the question, alternating with an A and a B. This seemed to keep everyone engaged better than when it's half the class vs. the other half, when a small group seems to think it's okay to let everyone else play.

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susan russo Posted by: susan russo

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Great job!

Hi Susan,

Great job. This review activity would certainly keep my algebra kids engaged. I love it because I can easily replace equations should I want to review another topic. Thank you!

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    May. 5, 2012
sarah coughlin
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Sarah Coughlin
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