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Radical Exponents and Rational Exponents Review Game

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You can edit this game by unlocking pages and changing times for each problem and adding your own problems to each. The 20 questions are hyperlinked to each of the cards, so make sure you keep questions in the set order. You will either need a deck of cards or use an online random card generator (link is provided within game, as well, if you don't want to use actual playing cards).

Game Rules:
1. Split the class into two teams.
2. The first team draws a card at random (Ace through 5) from the deck. Cards represent point values, from 1 to 5 points.
3. Select the card on the screen that matches. Start the timer on the screen (harder questions get more time). If you get the answer correct within the time given, you get those points.
4. If you get the answer incorrect or run out of time, the other team has a chance to "steal" those points but must answer with the correct answer immediately!
5. Enter points manually by writing score in with the pen function.

Click on cards to move to that question.
Click on the picture of the back of a card to move back to the card selector page.

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michelleksmith Posted by: michelleksmith

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Can't Download

I can't seem to open the actual file because it says that the original source is not available. Is it possible to re-attach the file so that it can be downloaded, please?


  • Posted:
    Apr. 2, 2013
Posted by
Natalia V
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