Enjoy your first year of teaching.

I am a second year teacher in my 40's. I almost killed myself last year trying to be the perfect teacher. I don't know that I will ever be but I do know this year I am relaxing alot more. Enjoying my students. Laughing alot more. I've cut the long hours. I have found that I am a more efficient teacher and my data scores are much higher now that I have relaxed, enjoyed my teaching and students, laughed, worked as hard as I could while I was at school but left it there when I left the building. My advice is realize you will survive the first year and it does get better. :0)

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Submitted by lisaneelly Mimio Master on Feb. 12, 2012

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You shouldn't try to be good

You shouldn't try to be good to everyone. You're a teacher and you should behave that way to make students try to impress you. I used to work as a techer and it was a great experience!

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    May. 6, 2018
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Molly Lavigne
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Second Year Teacher too!

I am so glad that you are having an easier year this year! I am also a second year teacher, but this year has been a struggle for me. Last year I had a great class and I was not stressed out as much as I am this year. I am a kindergarten teacher and I find that as things change, like the standards and the new children coming in, it taks an adjustment time, and that adjustment time is different for everyone. I finally feel like I am getting my head above the water this year. I was in my honeymoon phase last year being right out of college and the whole group of kindergarteners that came in were great.

I agree with you that you will survive and it does get better. I am looking forward to next school year and making a new start with my kiddos.

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    Apr. 15, 2013
Posted by
Mara Michel
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I am a second year teacher as well and have found the very same thing! I too stressed myself out and pressured myself to be the perfect first year teacher last year! But I have learned that I am best and most efficient for my students when I am relaxed, confident, comfortable, and most importantly ENJOYING WHAT I'M DOING! While each year has had its own struggles and stressful moments, I believe my teaching and therefore my students learning and progress has improved greatly! I am looking forward to the many more years to come in this great profession! First year teachers, always remember to breathe and that you ARE good at what you do. We all joined this profession for a reason, and you are an important person in your students lives no matter if you are a newbie or a veteran! So enjoy the ride and learn as much as you can :)

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    Apr. 15, 2012
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