Does anyone know whether mimio has the interactive dice? Smartboard has dice with numbers and letters that roll when you touch them. Wondering if anyone has ever found that with the mimio? I would apprectiate any help I can get. I really want to use that as a center. Thanks so much.

Submitted by garland06 on Jun. 23, 2011

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Interactive Dice

I saw your question and wanted to let you know that if you click on the Gallery, make sure that the Gallery folder is selected and close the Gallery folders in the lower part of the Mimio Studio Gallery. Under Multimedia you will see the die. Hope this helps

  • Posted:
    Aug. 13, 2011
Posted by
Dorothy Kuettner
Downloads: 75

Interactive die

The mimio die only have six side inputs. Smart boards had random selector. So useful! It’s driving me crazy not having it and the vortex! If anyone creates one, I’d appreciate obtaining it!

  • Posted:
    Apr. 11, 2018
Posted by
Mary Pat Kettler
Downloads: 11


I'm too new to this, but wanted to reply anyway. i hope you found it. i, too, know Smartboard. I'm using this summer to just "explore" everything they have. I'll let you know. and please let me know if you find it as well.

  • Posted:
    Jul. 5, 2011
Posted by
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