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Intro to Nouns (revised)

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Using our 5th grade English series, I adapted the lesson on noun introduction using Mimio.

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djsampley Posted by: djsampley

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Awesome lesson..using it tomorrow! :)

Awesome lesson! This is just what I was looking for. I love that you put vote questions in there too. I am going to use it just as it is for a lesson tomorrow. Thanks!

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    Aug. 28, 2011
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Great Noun Lesson

What a great lesson on Nouns! I love how you introduced the concept and then provided lots of practice opportunities for your students. I bet your students can't wait to show you what they know with the MimioVote questions. It is such a great way to check for understanding.

The learning objective on the first page helps me get started. Have you considered adding a learning objective on each page so the teacher and the students know exactly what they should know and be able to do when they finish the page? If you would like to learn more about adding learning objectives to each page of your lesson, watch this brief video:


Thanks for posting your lesson! I can't wait to see more!

Lindy George

Group Leader - Make My Lesson Better

  • Posted:
    Jun. 21, 2011
Lindy George
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Lindy George
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