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Cell Division and Cancer

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This lesson is an introduction to cell division and cancer. It is part of a unit I am teaching called "Cell: Friend or Foe?" Students will take notes, interact with flash files, and work with other interactive pieces. By completing this lesson, students will be able to describe how our own cells can be an enemy. This lesson will also lead into our next topic on genetics.

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jwagenma Posted by: jwagenma Mimio Certified Trainer

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I think you did a really nice job of making this interactive. The flash files and use of the Q&A makes it much more learner friendly. I also learned a thing or two! Great job!

  • Posted:
    Jul. 6, 2011
Posted by
Jerry Johnson
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cell division and cancer

You made the teaching of cell division more relavant to students as they are usually very interested in cancer. I have never made the subject of cancer a visual lesson for my students. In the past, I have just usually discussed it as an "add-on." Now that will change. With the majority of my classes, I doubt I will use the segment on the explaination of radioactivity, but definately would use it as an enrichment piece for those who have grasped the other concepts quickly. (And it could be a point to go back to for the 8th graders in physical science.)

  • Posted:
    May. 14, 2011
Posted by
Lori Cadwell
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I am looking for any ideas on how I can make this lesson more student interactive. There are flash activities that they can work with and of course the vote questions. Any other criticism/suggestions are appreciated.


  • Posted:
    Apr. 29, 2011
Posted by
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I like that you have included lots of information about cell division. Since you are wondering about ways to make the lesson more interactive, I would encourage you to look at ways that we have used some of the gallery tools and creation techniques with write reveals, hiding answers, shape tools, and answer pulls within this math lesson: http://www.mimioconnect.com/content/lesson/mmlbd_mm_math_fact_families Although this is a lower grade lesson, the techniques you could use would remain the same.

Thank you for submitting your lesson! Keep up the good work.

  • Posted:
    Jun. 7, 2011
Posted by
Claire Jones
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