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Metric & English Measurement Practice

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This is a basic mimio document that allows for Metric & English Measurement Conversion Practice. This includes conversion from metric to metric, english to english, metric to english, and english to metric. This also includes a T chart asking students if the measurement unit is english or metric. There is also some practice converting from C to F and F to C.

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griswoldc Posted by: griswoldc Mimio Master

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Very Intense

I was looking for something to help my fifth graders with their measurement, but I think this is a little over their heads. This must have taken a long time to put together. Have you thought about imbeding a video or images?

  • Posted:
    Feb. 12, 2012
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Lots of Information

You obviously spent quite a bit of time developing this lesson. The information is great, but a little more multimedia would be helpful.

Thanks for sharing!

  • Posted:
    Mar. 26, 2011
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Math Standard to Metric Conversions 5th grade

I found the initial pages to be a helpful method for students to sort which units of measurement are metric and which are U.S. Standard. There were too many drill type practice sheets for my students since the FL Standards do not require quite that level of mastery but certainly practice absolutely helps!

  • Posted:
    Mar. 24, 2011
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Metric/English Measurement

Looks like a great ite with plenty of practical exercises. I am not sure what the Systeme International (SI) Worksheet and the string of letters "KHDBDCM stand for.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 24, 2011
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metric prefixes fyi

The string of letters stand for the most common prefixes used in conjunction witht the metric base units of gram, liter and meter.
Kilo, hecto, deca, (base unit) deci, centi and milli.


  • Posted:
    Oct. 1, 2011
Posted by
Heather Engler
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griswoldc Mimio Master
This is a basic mimio document that allows for Metric & English Measurement Conversion Practice.
03/24/2011 - 2:20pm