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Vocabulary Roll Game


Students on teams will roll a dice to see what they have to do with the vocabulary the teacher calls out.

You can use this game to review all kinds of vocabulary. I teach French, so I have students translate words instead of define them. I've played this for a while with students and actual dice on the desks, but playing between the mimio on the board and the individual drawing on desks seems to keep them more honest and engaged during the game. Plus, I only have to open the file and grab a stack of flashcards instead of remembering where I stored the dice and is my timer battery dead or not! Complete directions are on the first slide to the game. To change the key on the game slide from "translate" to "define" unlock all, then remember to lock it all down again! Have fun!

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jpotter Posted by: jpotter

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Switching translation to definition

What a great idea. I think this could easily be used with any subject. Instead of translating the word, I would have them give the definition. One thought...I wonder if you could include the text tools so that the students could "write" the word on the board and give other students a visual tool as well.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 28, 2011
Posted by
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Neat idea!

That's a great idea to have them write the word on the board. Perhaps you could even do something fancy with reveals to check their answers? Or maybe add an audio clip of pronunciation as an answer check? This resource is definitely off to a good start!

  • Posted:
    Nov. 16, 2011
Posted by
Carmen Peasley
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Great Game

I like this game! It is simple, but yet can have a big impact on the student’s ability to use higher order thinking skills so they aren't just memorizing a definition. I will use this for the next vocabulary set in reading.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 24, 2011
Posted by
Chelsea M
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