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Music Poetry Project (part 1)

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Students choose teams of 3-6 students. The teams then choose a poem (from teacher selected samples). They illustrate the poem, narrate the poem and add sound effects (‘beats,’ vocal effects, singing etc.). When they are finished with illustrations and sound effects, the illustrations are taped together and videotaped (by students) while the poem is being narrated and sound effects are added. After each group is finished video-taping their project we have a “movie day” (popcorn supplied by the teacher) and we watch all the completed projects.

There are alternative lessons included for those students who like to work alone, or don’t work well in a group setting.

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art, music, poetry, teamwork
thimset Posted by: thimset

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Great job!


We are so thrilled that you have decided to share your knowledge and post your lessons on MimioConnect! Congratulations on posting your very first lesson! We look forward to seeing even more!


Lindy George
MimioConnect Moderator

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    Mar. 9, 2011
Lindy George
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Lindy George
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Sorry. First posting. This was supposed to be posted as MUSIC, not Reading and Language Arts. While the majority of the lesson is contained here, some of the content was too large to upload at once so there is a "poetry project 2" that will fill in the blank pages found in this lesson.

Again, sorry. : (

  • Posted:
    Mar. 8, 2011
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