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Comparing Adjectives Using -er & -est

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The first three pages explain when to use -er and when to use -est. Two videos are included. The next three slides give picture examples with pop balloons to show adjectives that compare the pictures. The next two slides students will drag over the base words to show the comparative and superlative form of the word. Then there are five slides that let students guess which word will fit correctly in each sentence. The next two slides students need to click on which word correctly adds the suffix. The lesson ends with 6 vote questions to see if students understand.

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alissabocek Posted by: alissabocek

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Congratulations on doing such

Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job! I can actually use this lesson as it is without any modifications for my EFL, A classes. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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    Jun. 25, 2011
Posted by
Roula Stara
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