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Calendar Math

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To keep a morning routine and daily review of several concepts, I created an interactive version of calendar math. The lesson begins with students checking in by clicking their star to easily take attendance. Attendance can be used to create a daily graph and keep track of weekly or monthly class or individual attendance. As students check in, a timer counts down to help them apply time management skills as they complete morning work before instruction begins. Move to the calendar and practice writing the date two ways, and add the number to the calendar. You can use the calendar to work on patterns, odd and even numbers, etc. After the calendar is updated, let's check on the weather. Update the weekly and monthly graph by checking the weather. This slide can be used with a variety of questioning strategies to help students think deeply and critically. Next, use the dice to roll for a number of the day and explore models, expanded form, and number form. Continue the daily review with odd and even practice and "show you know." How many days have we been in school? Let's end the review counting coins, showing the same value two ways, and the written form two ways. Challenge students to show a variety of strategies throughout this 15-20 minute daily review of skills.

*To be updated shortly with a slide on telling time in 5 minute intervals.

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smsmith97 Posted by: smsmith97

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changing names

The names on the first page can easily be changed:
1. After clicking somewhere on the page, select "format...locking...unlock all." This will unlock all the text and multimedia on the page.
2. Click on a box that has a name and select "format...grouping...ungroup."
3. Double click on the text and change it.
4. If you want, you can re-group the text with the box but you don't have to in order for the page to work the same way. Just select both the text and the box (hold the shift or control key while selecting both)and then "format...grouping...group."
5. If there's unused name boxes, deleted the ones you don't need or copy/paste more if you need extras.
6. When you have all the names as you want them, drag across everything on the page and select "format...locking...lock" because everything on this page should be locked.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you still have difficulty and I can help more.

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    Nov. 30, 2012
Posted by
Claire Jones
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