Mimio for 13-17yr olds?

Hi folks,
We're a charity in Ireland that do drug education in schools. Lots of our work is designed to be very interactive and group oriented. We recently got some funding and I'm researching different multimedia tools that we could use.Any feedback on how usable the mimio would be for groups of up to 30 that I want to be able to work away themselves in groups. I want it to be as "not teachery" as possible. (no offense intended, excuse made-up word).

Submitted by Kerry Life Education on Oct. 2, 2009

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I teach in an informal

I teach in an informal setting with up to 30 at a time - most of the time 17/18 year olds... I've found that the extra mimio tablets are worthwhile as you can pass it around and do spider diagrams straight onto the board/ storyboards etc... so there's lots to be done!

also, these are extremely portable... we have to move classrooms once or twice a week so it sounds like it could be ideal for you.

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    Oct. 26, 2009
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Rachael Moss
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