Resetting a Page or Ink File after Its Been Annotated

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Is there a quick way to delete/erase/reset all the work that's been done on a page in a lesson or even the whole lesson at the end of a class so that it can be used with the next class or the next day?


Good question! There are a few things that can be done. The easiest is to just close out the lesson WITHOUT re-saving. This way the changes that were done on each page will not be saved and you'll have the original, untouched lesson. Another thing that can be done is to make a copy of the lesson before its been written on (so that you'll have a master or original). You would use the copy. Some teachers work through the same lesson with multiple classes and may not necessarily end at the same point with each class. By saving the lesson after each class (using some sort of class notation in the title) will allow the teacher to open up the lesson to the exact point of wherever they left off. Some teachers also like to have the annotated lessons of all the work that was done in class to be able to save it that particular class website (if they have one) or print it out for students to peruse who may have been absent or may need reinforcement. Give one of these methods a try based on whatever your needs or preferences might be!

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