The New Chromebook Flips and MimioStudio software

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Can the new Chromebook Flips be used with my Mimio files?


You had asked if there was a way to use the Chromebook flip and manipulate your Mimio files/lessons through this device. The Answer is yes and it's done through web access! Here are the instructions to get you up and running with a Chromebook flip:
1. Open a lesson on your computer, not the Chromebook.
2. On the Chromebook, go to
3. Now, inside the lesson page. Go to Tools>Settings>Mobile.
4. You'll see "Connection Information." You want to make sure that your information is the same on the Chromebook for IP Address, Port (second number for Web), and input access code. When you are looking at the Chromebook, click on the word TEACHER so it is in blue, and click on MANUAL for Connection methods. Here is where you can match up the IP Address, Port, and Access code. Once they are inputted correctly, click on "Connect."
5.Your lesson page should now be mirrored on your Chromebook and ready to use!

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