Embed or Hyperlink a Video?

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Is there a benefit to embedding a video in the Mimio lesson over hyperlinking the video?


There are benefits to both of these options when dealing with incorporating a video into a lesson. If you embed a video then you have access to it immediately without having to go out to the Internet where you might encounter connectivity issues, removed content, or broken links at some point. If you hyperlink the video then you don't have the space/size issue of the lesson being saved on a flash drive or computer where the video could possibly take up a large amount of space. Remember the compatible file types for video embedding. They can be viewed from going to Insert then File from the menu bar on a notebook page. Click on the drop down arrow next to the blank space for “Files of Type” and see the formats for video. Also, in dealing with hyperlinks, they can be attached to text (word or phrase) or an object (like a picture). Just right click on the text box or object, choose hyperlink from the drop down menu and supply the URL of the website address for the video. So, essentially the decision is based primarily on your preference because they both have benefits. If you get the chance, check out the other tips and suggestions found in the Ask a Master section of MimioConnect!

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