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Swimmingly Fun Sight Words

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Students can practice the Dolch 1st grade sight word list with the goldfish! Match each fish with its nest.

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JoAnn Johnson Posted by: JoAnn Johnson

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Wonderful idea...

however, the words were not all on the same line. Some of the words were chopped in half and were on two lines :(

I really like the idea that you had with this activity. It just needs a little cleaning up.

  • Posted:
    Aug. 7, 2009
Posted by
Laura Cameron
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Text does not always open correctly. For example, if you don't have the font used in the lesson loaded on your computer the words will not appear in the lesson until you reveal them and select a font. I think something similar is happening here. Try opening the text box and changing the text size. A Co-worker and I figured this out when sharing a lesson last year.

  • Posted:
    Aug. 12, 2009
Posted by
Julie Conner
Downloads: 176

Hmmm, I just checked the

Hmmm, I just checked the lesson out on my laptop and it was fine. I'm not sure why words would be on two lines/chopped in half...they aren't on my screen. Anyone have any ideas why this might happen?????

  • Posted:
    Aug. 10, 2009
JoAnn Johnson
Posted by
JoAnn Johnson
Downloads: 431

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