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The Respiratory System 5th grade

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These are two column notes with questions and answers about the Respiratory System. The 5th grade classes copy the notes just as they are written. They fold their paper in half lengthwise to take the notes. The students write the questions on the left side of the crease and the answers on the right side. As the students finish the questions and answers I have them read materials about the Respiratory System.

When everyone is done writing, they watch a small clip from youtube about the questions. The youtube clips are hyper-linked into the Mimio lesson. After copying the notes and watching the clips, the class reads the material together out loud.

At times the faster students are done with the reading before the whole class finishes the notes, so I have the faster students explore the Health Books or I have other material for them to read on the same subject.

The notes will also be used to review for a written exam. The students will match the scrambled questions with the answers.

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scilleyj Posted by: scilleyj

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can't open

i was trying to view your document to use in a unit plan (i'm currently a college student) and my computer was unable to open it because it's an ink document and i don't have any compatible software. any chance you could upload it from word? thanks.

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    Apr. 18, 2011
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