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This gallery contains various ways to generate random numbers in your classroom!

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Gallery, random numbers
Posted by: Anonymous

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Random Number Generator

I am trying to find a random number generator that I can pre-program with specific numbers (like, for Bingo). Is there a way to make it so I can type in a finite set of random numbers from which the generator can choose to randomize?

  • Posted:
    Jul. 17, 2011
Posted by
Downloads: 60

Great tool

I liked this tool very much. Very simple and easy for the little ones to use. Keep me posted if you ever create one with up to 5 digits or one that will allow users to set the range as mentioned in one of the other comments. It's great, thank you!

  • Posted:
    May. 9, 2011
Posted by
Veronica Garcia
Downloads: 203

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