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Random Name Generator


This file will allow you to type in your class roster and select a student at random to answer a question or come up to the board, help out or anything else that requires names to be selected at random. Import file into gallery, you will find the file under gallery>>mimioconnect>>dynamic tools its under the multimedia tab. Please make sure you have the gallery open before you open this file. Let me know what else you need and I will make it.

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Jesus Cital Posted by: Jesus Cital Mimio Staff Mimio Authorized Trainer

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same question

I absolutely love this idea!!! I just started using Mimio last week (March of 2010) and had the same problem with it not storing my names, and when I typed them into word to save them and just copy and paste them in, it wouldn't let me. Where can I find your updated version. Or is that the one that I have downloaded?

  • Posted:
    Mar. 14, 2010
Posted by
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Random Name Generator

I downloaded the random name generator and opened it to use it. The random name generator feature seems to work well. Here is what I did and the problem I had:
1. Opened a new notebook file.
2. Dragged the Random Name Generator file to the notebook window.
3. Typed names in separated by commas, continued and tested the generator. Worked fine.
4. Saved the Notebook file to hopefully reuse.
5. Reopened the file but had to enter names again.

Maybe the flash technology is not able to store the names and I'm asking too much of the feature. If you plan to use this tool, have your class list available in a comma separated file to make it quick and easy to use.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 11, 2010
Posted by
Allene Horton
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I love the idea, but when I opened the file and tried to use it, it wasn't cooperating. When I opened a text box to type in the names of a class, the list went off the page to the right and I couldn't change it, even when I enlarged the box. Any ideas?

  • Posted:
    Mar. 6, 2010
Posted by
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