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Parent functions video and ink file

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This was a whole class activity, and the end product was a five minute recording that covered ten parent functions for Algebra II. Each student was assigned two slides to create and write the dialogue for and present when recording. Students were given blank templates so that the slides had a uniform look. They were also given directions and a rubric. These can be found in the mimio Masters and Secondary Math Teachers group pages. A timer was used on each slide and as the slide appeared, the student "performed" their part, and it was recorded using the mimio recorder. It was then converted to a wmv file, and then the wmv file was imported into an ink file. This ink file could be saved in your gallery or you could pull the wmv from the ink file into your gallery. It was also uploaded to You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zna4Tca2r4I Because I made a mistake, the student recording did not "take" so the voice you hear is mine.

This was a fun project that the students really enjoyed, and it wasn't terrible time consuming for anyone. The final product was used by other students to review for the final exam.

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Parent Functions

I'm wondering what comments you might have had during the course of the chapter. Hanging cables are not quadratics -- they are catenaries built off of the exponential function -- I had a heated debate about this with a student once. I'm also curious about the skating ramp. Did you take the time to try regression with them to see which is really the best fit?

Also, I've run into difficulty for a few students with the as x-increases y-decreases idea for inverse variations -- because the same is true of a line with negative slope. I still use it, but with some care -- outside of Quadrant I it doesn't hold for inverse square situations.

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    Jul. 8, 2010
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Melinda Connon
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