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Lunch Count Template

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Brief Description: Students will slide their apple to the correct lunch selection. Doing lunch count is a cake walk with this management tool! Once you have inserted the names, group each apple and name together.
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tvillacis Posted by: tvillacis Mimio Master

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Hi Margarita, You have to

Hi Margarita,

You have to double click on the text within each apple. You can then use the text tool to enter the students name. Once you have entered the student's name, you can group them together by selecting both the apple and the text > right clicking > grouping > group.

It looks like the top apple has already been grouped. To ungroup the top apple select the apple > right click ?> click grouping > ungroup.

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    Feb. 4, 2014
Paul Gigliotti
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Paul Gigliotti
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Adorable, but I really wish I

Adorable, but I really wish I could change the lunch choices. Want to feature this lesson at a presentation I'm doing, but SWAK and some of the other choices wouldn't be appropriate for how we do lunch! PLEEEASE made that editable! :)

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    Jun. 9, 2013
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