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Keyboarding Baseball

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The students will be put onto two teams. Each student will type a line out of the book for one minute or whatever time you would like. They will all figure out their words per minute and the teacher will pick one person from each team to write their words per minute on the board. The team with the higher words per minute gets to spin to see how bases they will move. If the team that is up to bat gets the lower score they receive one out. Once that team has three outs the next team is up to bat.

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Its a good start

Your project is a good start but what might be even better is if you add further slides with the text they have to type, possibly even the names of baseball teams as the text or the song Take Me Out the Ball Game for a longer text. Also adding text boxes for the runs and outs so you can track it on the screen.

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    Oct. 29, 2010
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