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Forces: Push and Pull

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OBJ: TLW recognize that a force is a push or a pull.(TEKS 6C-D)
MAT: science word cards, mimio board interactive presentation, Science SE, paper, balls, and yarn or jump rope, WB, pencil
ACT: Introduce the word force and add it to the word wall. Brainstorm what students know about forces and chart on bubble map using mimio board. Introduce the force of push and pull through SE text page F2-F6. Call on students to match the definition of force, push, and pull on mimio board. View mimio presentation on forces. Add push and pull to the word wall. Call students to the mimio board to sort push and pull pictures. Check answers. Go outside and line the students up and have each kick a ball to you or a partner. Discuss how the ball traveled by the push of their foot. Allow the students to throw the ball. Both activities are forces of pushing. Give pairs of students a piece of yarn or a jump rope. Have each child pull on their end. This is the force of pulling. Go back inside and add and or take away from the bubble map using the mimio board. Complete workbook pages 96-97 for assessment.

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Meghan Whiteley Posted by: Meghan Whiteley

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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the wonderful lesson. Although I teach in French there are only a few words that I need to translate and then I am good to go! I especially appreciate the thought that went into selecting the best pictures for the activity.

  • Posted:
    May. 9, 2011
Posted by
Jeannette Beaudry
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This lesson works nicely with

This lesson works nicely with the Delta Science lesson requiring students to test a bag of toys to see if they require a push or pull to make them move.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 23, 2011
Posted by
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