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Dynamic tools - another pack-updated!!

Brief Description: This pack has door other reveals as well as two new correct and incorrect boxes. If the students are correct they will get fireworks and a good job across the screen. If they are incorrect they will get a try again, buzzer, and large red x. Let me know your thoughts.
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Jesus Cital Posted by: Jesus Cital Mimio Staff Mimio Authorized Trainer

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I love all of your reveal tools. Changing it up keeps it fresh for the kids. Some ideas the kids had are.... smiley/frowning face, shaking heads (up and down for right, left and right for wrong), thumbs up/down... thanks for everything you post!

  • Posted:
    Mar. 20, 2011
Posted by
Krista Pottier
Downloads: 338

I love your reveal tools.

I love your reveal tools. Thank you sooooo much. I too agree with the other ladies, I would love to see the curtain, door and target with at least a number 2 and 3, and then perhaps with no number. I too would take a class if you could teach us how to do this. Great job. Keep up the good work.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 26, 2010
Posted by
Kathy Korty
Downloads: 952

Great Reveals

I love these reveals, especially the target. I, too, would love another set of these without the numbers. Jesus, I wish you would teach an online class in how to create these.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 20, 2010
Posted by
Marci Lanois
Downloads: 255

doors and curtains

I love the door and the curtains. We need to either have them without a number on them or we need a curtain and door with a 2 and ones with a 3 so that we can do a lesson similar to "Let's make a deal" when they had 3 doors or 3 curtains.

Jesus, keep up the great work that your are doing.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 19, 2010
Posted by
Teresa Stephens
Downloads: 3362

Here's what I think: I like

Here's what I think:
I like most of it! The fireworks are a little lengthy- something more along the lines of the incorrect buzz would be long enough.
I love all the reveals- the door, sliding window with arrows, the circle, and the curtain is my favorite. What is the number one for? I personally would like them better without the number.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 15, 2010
Posted by
Claire Jones
Downloads: 1228

Updated by popular demand

Hello All,

Thank you for your feedback and patience as I updated the curtain, circle,and sliding doors. I took off the number 1 as many of you requested. I would be more than happy to show you all how to do stuff in flash however you would need access to the software and a lot and I mean a lot of time to practice. It also helps if you have some programming background.

I am more than happy to do anything if you all have some suggestions. I am working on other ideas which you will soon see on here but if there is something you need let me know and I will add it to my queue.


  • Posted:
    Mar. 28, 2010
Jesus Cital
Posted by
Jesus Cital
Downloads: 624


Once more -- thanks for sharing

It may be helpful to new members if you uploaded a file with everything that you have in your " Dynamic Tools " folder. It would be difficult for new members to find the many great files that you have uploaded. I

My students in Algebra I love the many different reveals that I use in my lessons.

Thanks again.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 7, 2010
Posted by
Teresa Stephens
Downloads: 3362

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