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September 2018 Calendar and Morning Meeting

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For many of us the school year is well underway and for some September marks the beginning of a brand new year. Welcome back to all!! Here's to an amazing 2018-19!

We have updated the 2018-19 calendars and morning meetings to include ALL of the lesson pages in both regular and wide format just for you and your students. We will post one each month. You can use it to provide practice and reinforcement of skills using the featured calendars, morning meeting activities, attendance chart, daily graphing activity, math activities and more. Feel free to use it as it is or download something from the Back to School Gallery Pack 2018-19 and switch out pages with templates and images provided in the pack. There are lots of additional options in our School Days Pack to choose from as well.

Do you have ideas on what you would like to see in the calendar and morning meetings?? Just leave us a comment below and we will see what we can do to make it happen!

Wishing you and your students the BEST year ever!

Lesson created by Claire Pavia and Lindy George.

Please note that due to the many exciting features in this lesson, you will need to have the latest version of MimioStudio software installed on your computer. Click here to update to the latest version of MimioStudio software.

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Lindy George Posted by: Lindy George Mimio Master Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer

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How do you group on the fall

How do you group on the fall leaves? We can group, but then the name moves, but not the leaf. We are not having any success with that. Please help! :)

  • Posted:
    Sep. 7, 2018
Posted by
Amy Raines
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Amy, Try these steps: 1. Hold

Try these steps:
1. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and then click on the student name and then the leaf (OR drag your cursor across both the student name and the leaf to select both).

2. Click on the Format Menu>scroll down to Grouping and choose Group (OR Right click on the selected objects and choose Grouping>Group).

3. Repeat for each name and leaf combination.

Once you do the first few and you get the hang of it, it will go quickly.

Let me know if you have success!!


  • Posted:
    Sep. 8, 2018
Lindy George
Posted by
Lindy George
Downloads: 2067

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