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Have you searched MimioConnect but can't seem to find that exact lesson or gallery you need? is your opportunity to tell us what you are looking for. Tell us the topic, grade level(s) and any other information that you think we need to know. Be as specific as possible. If you have an idea on what it might look like, feel free to share that as well.

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Submitted by Lindy George Mimio Master Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer on Jan. 7, 2013

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I would like to see some lessons and activities concerning computers and peripherals with such information as how to connect them, what is their function and how they work.

  • Posted:
    May. 25, 2014
Posted by
Martha Thomas
Downloads: 6

High School and Above

I would like to see more HS Lessons in all subject areas. I would also like more gallery (.mcf) files in the areas of Biology, Anatomy. Thanks for asking!

  • Posted:
    Jun. 29, 2013
Posted by
Lynn Notarainni
Downloads: 140

New to Mimio

Can you give any tips for narrowing the search for lessons? When I search by subject area and grade level, I often don't locate the lesson leveled by grade. I have learned how to modify it but sometimes run out of time. Any tips on narrowing my search?
Thank you,

  • Posted:
    Jun. 7, 2013
Posted by
J Gore
Downloads: 17

Common Core Close Reading Lessons

I would like to see ideas for close reading lessons that had pull outs for the text dependent questions. Maybe a way to look at several parts of the text for students to answer a question that is answered using several portions of text.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 15, 2013
Posted by
Downloads: 96

preschool topics

I am a preschool teacher with a class of 3 year olds that love our MimioTeach! I have been able to create several lessons on my own, but I would love to be able to search for PreK activities. When searching by age group, the youngest is K5. Usually the content I am finding can be adapted, but it would be nice to find some lessons and games geared with preschoolers in mind. It would be great to also be able to search for these activities in a preschool category.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 10, 2013
Posted by
Downloads: 171


Eventhough there are some activities that you may download and change for a specific situations, can´t find sufficient activities from Pk - 6 graders, concerning this topic.

  • Posted:
    Feb. 24, 2013
Posted by
Lorraine Bejarano
Downloads: 45

more contento for high school

I would like to suggest that the website should include more lessons for teens because I have found that problema that most of the lessons are elementary-school oriented. I would like to have more ideas for my teens and most of the time I am the one that has to be creating the lesson. I hope you can understand my point and help a desperate English middle school teacher.


  • Posted:
    Feb. 23, 2013
Posted by
Downloads: 20

ACT Strategies

Does anyone have any lessons on ACT test taking strategies? I am to teach some lessons about the ACT itself and some strategies while taking the test this Monday and Tuesday.

  • Posted:
    Feb. 2, 2013
Posted by
Kevin Thomas
Downloads: 69

More Social Studies Please

I would really benefit from some additional Social Studies gallery materials. I teach 9th grade U.S. History. We cover all of the events between the end of the Civil War to modern times. I could especially use additional materials to help students learn more about the more modern presidents. The election series you offered on MimioConnect during the campaign was wonderful. My students really enjoyed the lessons. Thank you!

  • Posted:
    Jan. 8, 2013
Posted by
Downloads: 0

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